Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Denver Venture, Lewis Palmer, and Virtual Book Fair

Hi All,

Long post, but bear with me! First off, last week I spoke at the Denver Venture School and Lewis Palmer Middle School about my books and Breaking the Chain, my nonprofit for literacy. Both groups were great! Here's pictures from Lewis Palmer Middle School:

Also, I will be participating in a Virtual Book Fair on 2/26, 2/27, 2/28 with the group of authors listed below. The site for the fair is http://www.virtualbookfair.net.

Be sure to visit our other participating authors/illustrators involved in this year's fair! Purchase signed copies, get give-a-ways and more!

Tara Michener- author of the "Who I Am Series" that promotes self-esteem & diversity in kids. "Who I Am Not What I Am" Meet Janelle, A fun girl who discovers the secret to happiness is loving herself for who she is, not for fitting into what others want her to be. 100% Real-What does it mean to be real? Meet Zoey who wonders the same thing after her classmates question her about being adopted. With the help of a close friend in Janelle and her parents she discovers that she has more in common with her family than she thought. www.taramichener.com

JD Holiday-Janoose The Goose likes life in the barnyard very much. She is visiting her cousin, Molly duck and her baby, DeeDee. Her vacation is over and Janoose must go home because there are no job openings on the farm. When her flight arrives home she learns that the fox has begun a crime spree. Janoose is the only one who can stop him. ww.jdswritersblog.blogspot.com

Adra Young-The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Monologues (Volume I and II)
This series is in a class by itself. These books address multifaceted issues that kids are faced with. Parents may utilize these books to address sensitive subject matters and establish stronger bonds and communication with their kids. These books have been acknowledged for creating an acting guide that addressees appropriate socialization skills. www.ardannyl.me

Grace Hatton-The Guys The Roses & The Regrets; the Girl to Girl Dating Guide Written by a teenage girl for teenage girls this book offers practical tips and real life stories that will help teenage girls and young women navigate the crazy world of dating, relationships and break ups. This book is an Amazon Best Seller! www.gracehatton.wordpress.com

Colleen Murray Fisher-The One and Only Bernadette P. This book promotes appreciating who you are, as well as accepting others. Does liking peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, or painting with your toes, or even havining an imaginary friendmake a person strange? that's what kids say about Bernadette. But when Bernadette meets her new neighbor, Sofie she realizes that her uniqueness is nothing strange at all. www.collenmurrayfisherbooks.com

Dawn Stephens-The Little Pot Soon after a potter forms a new pot and declares that he has important plans for his creation, the little pot begins to wonder what its purpose will be. Will it be used to hold important documents? Great riches? Beautiful flowers? As various expectations prove wrong the little pot is cautioned to see...The little pot is a simple profound story about inevitable reversals. www.DawnStephensBooks.com

Dan Bodenstein-The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle Based on the true story of a loggerhead sea turtle names Eartha, this enchanted tale tells the story of a young sea turtle who finds help in the last place that she expected. Through colorful imagery it helps kids to help injured animals... www.seaturtlestory.com

Patty O'Brien Novak-Engineering The ABC's Imagine a world without cars and computers, or toys and televisions, or movies and microwaves...then imagine a world without engineers. This book answers questions about how everyday things work and how engineering relates to so many parts of a child's daily life www.pattyobriennovak.com

I hope you'll check it out!

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Tahereh said...

i just had to say i think you're amazing. and such an inspiration for teens. thanks so much for doing what you do and for being so awesome at it.

it's all uphill from here. i cant wait to see what else you do!

best of luck with everything!!

rakhi said...

many thanks for sharing these collection of valuable books in the field of innovation!